ONEGEO is a Berlin based technology company that provides worldwide building information.


The development team started with OSM Buildings - a free and open source geo spacial 3d viewer in 2012.

The project and its demand for building data grew massively until 2018 when we founded 3dbuildings.

ONEGEO takes care of all commercial aspects, providing data, infrastructure and funding.

We integrate any global data source relevant to buildings in order to create the most comprehensive and clean data set.

Meet the Founder

Jan is originally from Berlin, grew up in the region and studied business informatics.

Soon after he started his business as a web application software developer.

While dotcom implosion in early 2000s he found himself in solid consulting business with major customers like Lufthansa, Bayer and Daimler.

When working with Nokia Maps he found his obsession for digital geography and 3d building visualisation.

He started the open source project OSM Buildings, worked for humanitarian GIS projects and gave lectures at Beuth University Berlin.

Always prefer the clean and simple solution.

Jan Marsch / Founder

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