Meet the team and read the story behind the Berlin-based company dedicated to bringing you the best building data.

The journey so far

Logo OSM Buildings

It all started over a decade ago in 2012 when Jan developed OSM Buildings - a free and open source geospatial 3D viewer.

Logo 3DBuildiings

People loved the geospatial 3D viewer and the demand for the data powering the viewer skyrocketed, which led to the inception of 3D Buildings as a company in 2018.


As the company evolved, and Sebastian came on board as a director, it was important to mark this new era through the formal change to ONEGEO in 2022.

And now,
we're on a mission

The vast amount of available geospatial data can be overwhelming (or nearly impossible) to navigate, especially if you're not an expert. Data quality varies drastically, some attributes may or may not be included, the resolutions vary, there are different formats... you get the picture.

It's our mission to take all the confusion and countless variables out of the equation for you and provide you with exactly what you need:

  • no time wasted searching for the right data
  • 100% confidence in what you're getting
  • comprehensive support when you need it
  • It sounds simple, but a lot goes into it. And we get our kicks out of working with the data so you don't have to. Which means you can focus your time and enegery on what you do best and leave the data part to us.

    Leading the mission:
    Sebastian and Jan

    Sebastian studied Geoinformatics at the University of Berlin. His primary focus is searching for and integrating new data sources to keep the vast ONEGEO database clean and up to date. He is also responsible for some technical support and various other aspects of keeping the business running smoothly.

    With a degree in business informatics and extensive experience as a software engineer, Jan enjoys running the day to day aspects of the business, meeting with clients to better understand their needs, and staying at the cutting edge of the industry to continue to provide the best solutions for their clients.

    “We're dedicated to providing the best data and the best support to our clients. When you contact us for support, you actually get us, no outsourced support. And we pride ourselves in helping you get the best outcomes with the right data. It's why we started this business in the first place”

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