Enhance Your Projects with High-Res 3D Maps

Visualise and impress with worldwide 3D buildings as Vector Tile Layers for 3D map viewing software

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Here's what you get

See Your Buildings Come to Life

Get a more realistic representation of a building's structure with accurate and detailed visualizations.

Uncover Hidden Complexities

Gain a more complete understanding of the built environment's complexities and interrelationships with 3D maps.

Enhance Your Spatial Awareness

Benefit from a better understanding of a building's spatial relationship with other buildings, roads, and surrounding structures.

Immerse Your Audience

Give your users a more vivid and engaging experience with intuitive and interactive 3D maps.

Make Smarter Decisions

The accuracy and detail provided by our 3D maps can help you make better, more informed decisions.

Collaborate with Confidence

Improve collaboration and decision-making among multiple stakeholders by viewing and interacting with 3D maps of your project area.

What you get

You will receive an access token that allows you to integrate our map tiles endpoint directly into your map viewer.

Code Example / Token


Leaflet Layer

ONEGEO Maps for Leaflet

OSM Buildings

ONEGEO Maps for OSM Buildings

Mapbox GL

ONEGEO Maps for MapboxGL

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Get exactly what you need to enhance your projects with 3D Maps without the frills that add unnecessary expense.


  • 50 000 Map Tiles
  • all Buildings
  • Regular Updates


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  • 500 000 Map Tiles
  • all Buildings
  • Regular Updates
  • Commercial Use
  • Priority Support


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  • Unlimited Map Tiles
  • all Buildings
  • Regular Updates
  • Commercial Use
  • Priority Support
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