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What You'll Gain with ONEGEO Map Tiles

See the Bigger Picture - Make Better Decisions

We are now providing all our context layers, including roads, POIs, and landscape features along with the best 3D building layer on the market, enabling you to make better, data-driven decisions.

Create Immersive Maps - Enagage Your Audience

Intuitive and interactive 3D maps help you engage your audience, drive better communication and collaboration, and make a lasting impact by paving the way for informed decision-making.

Viewer-agnostic Maps to Future-Proof Your Business

Our Map Tiles integrate seamlessly with different viewers, so whether you're working on various platforms, collaborating, or adapting to evolving viewer technologies, compatibility concerns are a thing of the past.

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To Visualise Your World

From Urban Planning to Gaming, from Real Estate to Telecommunication, make better decisions and create lasting impressions with accurate 3D building data for analysis and visualisation

Real Estate

Millennials, now making up 42% of homebuyers, have a unique approach to finding their dream homes. They love diving into independent online research before consulting a professional. Win them over by providing a captivating online experience that includes nearby points of interest, handy tools for measuring distances to work or shops, and insightful details like daylight angles and sunshine hours.

Urban Planning

Revolutionize urban development with 3D buildings and urban models that let you dive into virtual city designs, creating smarter, safer, and more sustainable spaces. Grasp the impact of urban interventions, tackle climate change adaptation, plan infrastructure, and monitor urban vegetation health. Make informed decisions to shape a sustainable future for all.


Pinpoint the perfect spots for antennas to give our urban environments lightning-fast and reliable connections. By understanding how and where buildings impact signal propagation, you're able to develop networks that deliver top-notch performance and revolutionize telecommunication networks.

some of the companies that rely on our data

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For non-profit organisations with small user base

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  • 50 000 Map Tiles
  • OpenStreetMap Buildings
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  • 500 000 Map Tiles
  • all Buildings
  • Regular Updates
  • Commercial Use
  • Standard Support


For large organisations with specific requirements

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  • Unlimited Map Tiles
  • all Buildings
  • Regular Updates
  • Commercial Use
  • Priority Support
  • 99.99% Availability
  • Annual Invoicing

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