Data Format

Our base data format is GeoJSON. This reads easily into many web applications as well as GIS software. Find out more about this standard format here

You need a different data format? Please contact our support team.


Geographic projection id EPSG:4326 (WGS84).
GeometryCollection and MultiPolygon geometries are resolved to individual features.

Feature ID

Building Identifier. It can occur multiple times in order to relate building parts.
Original ids are used with a prefix.

Feature Attributes

Attribute Description
name building name
i.e. Chrysler Building
type type of building
i.e. commerce, residence
partId for complex buildings: id of a building's part
height total building height - in meters
heightSrc source type for height attribute, possible values are:
minHeight height at which a building part starts vertically (floating) - in meters
levels total building levels
minLevel levels at which a building part starts vertically (floating)
color dominant color of building facade
named colors, rgb() or #hex values
material dominant material name
i.e. concrete, glass
shape building shape if unusual
i.e. sphere, pyramid
roofShape roof shape
i.e. skillion, flat, dome
roofHeight roof height (included in total height) - in meters
roofLevels roof levels (add to buildings levels)
roofColor dominant roof color
named colors, rgb() or #hex values
roofMaterial dominant roof material name
i.e. tiles
roofDirection direction where a roof is facing - clockwise in degrees from north
roofAngle inclination of roof faces - in degrees upwards from horizon
date date on which the feature was last edited
built date on which the feature was built


{ "id": "037111f-0b9e666-6c", "type": "Feature", "properties": { "height": 8.8, "color": "#e3e1c8", "roofColor": "#b4c9b3", "roofShape": "gabled", "roofHeight": 1.3, "roofDirection": 237.9, "origId": "osm-w976405284" }, "geometry": { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [13.400488, 52.519056], [13.400496, 52.519059], [13.400499, 52.519060], [13.400534, 52.519026], [13.400532, 52.519025], [13.400524, 52.519023], [13.400488, 52.519056] ] ] } }